Student Visa


Canada has an exceptional education system that is world class. Student admissions have gone up exponentially and both the schools and the government have taken notice by opening the doors to people who wish to come and study here in Canada. The Canadian government has always seen the student as desirable potential permanent resident. As a student you have been schooled in the Canadian system and taken the time to understand, not only the education system, but Canada as a whole. You will be given the opportunity to work and then apply for Permanent Residence, this has allowed the next generation Canadian to start their Canadian journey through an academic institution.

+ Student visa

Canada has an exceptional education system that is world class and sees a number of students coming to the country each year to either study in short term courses or long term in post-secondary institutions. In recent years, we have seen academic institutions put value in bringing in International Students as they value the diversity of being a world renowned educational institution with students from around the globe.


Anyone who wishes to apply for a student visa must be able to:

  • Show that their intention is to study and they will return home after their studies finish.
  • Have met the admission requirements and been accepted into a Designated Learning Institutionfor study.
  • Be able to prove that they have significant financial support to be able to pay for their schooling and living expenses while a student at the institution.
  • Must be a law-abiding citizen with no criminal record and not be a risk to security of Canada.
  • Must be in good health and willing to complete a medical examination.


In addition to having the opportunity for world class education, a student will be allowed up to 20 hours per week and Full Time during regularly scheduled breaks. This gives students the opportunity to work in the Canadian job market. Those who wish to extend their stay in Canada after their studies conclude can apply for Post Graduate Work Permit and then to be able to apply for Permanent Residence (P.R.) under the Canadian Experience Class Program.

+Co-op Work Permit / Intern Work Permi

Many Canadian colleges and universities offer work experience as part of their curriculum. Foreign students who wish to participate in a co-op or internship program must apply for a work permit as well as a study permit.


To qualify for a Co-op Work Permit:

  • The student must have a valid study permit;
  • The intended employment must be essential to complete the program of study;
  • The program of study must be offered by a designated learning institution and be part of the academic, vocational or professional training program offered.

Note: The student must apply prior to expiration of the study permit. Also, applicants are ineligible for this work permit if they are studying English or French as a second language (ESL/FSL), or they are studying general interest or preparatory courses. To be valid, internship or co-op employment cannot exceed 50% of the total program of study.


The student can work at a job that is related to their program of study and gain experience in a related field, while attending school while at the same time be compensated for their work experience. Additionally this experience will also allow them to meet the curriculum requirements of their program of study. Once they have completed their studies, the student can apply for a Post- Grad Student Work Permit, to continue their work and residency in Canada.